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Teeny tiny 1/72 realistic leaves

One detail that I have been envying a lot from the older scale folks are the dry leaves on some of their 1/35 scale dioramas or vehicles. At some point I even tried cutting these myself only to end up frustrated. Well I found out this great product made by Model Scene from Czech Republic that would make your 1/72 model or diorama really stand out. I got them from an Argentinean vendor.

These leaves comes in an assortment of shapes colours. You can get them in “Maple”, “Oak”, “Birch”, “Lime” and “Universal” shapes, and Model Scene offers them in different shades to match your theme or timeframe, like Autum, Dry and Green.

I got the “Maple – Extra colours, Autum” and the “Oak – Dry leaves” and both look awesome. They come in a clear plastic cases that might take some effort to open whitout spilling the contents around the room, but I’ll rather have that as opposed to a box of leaves that might decide to itself inside my box of accesories.

Once opened you can pick them with fine tweezers or sprinkle them with your fingers over the model. These are super small leaves so you even need to watch out for you breathing when working with them, but it is worth it.

Definitely my favorite are the Maple ones, if you open the images you will see they come in different colors in this Autum boxing, ranging from greens to yellows and redish brown… some of them even have the petiole on them and some might be drier at the edges and greener in the inside.

This is just amazing stuff and I can not recommend them enough even if you are not into Dioramas or scenics, these leaves can really blow some life into your models, and will work equally well over a derelic car, a Panther on the hunt, or a concealed FW-190 in the woods!.

They are not really that expensive at around 4 Euros plus postage, and a box is more than enough to dress a single vehicle diorama, or more than 10 vehicles per box if you use it sparingly like I did on these examples.

I’m looking forward to get at least two new boxes. The hardest part would be trying to decide which ones to choose!.

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