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Revell’s new tooling Ju-88 A-4 captured in the wild!

OK, it is no Bigfoot, but still exciting news. Last week Hyperscale published some picts of Diedrich Wiegmann’s build of the kit, and he reports it as being “all-new tooling, and not a re-release of anyone else’s mould”. Well, let me tell you all, it looks like a little gem, and I’m hoping it brings that very paint scheme in the box as I love the ship kill markings on the rudder.

Check it out for yourself at Hyperscale and don’t forget to comment what you think of it!.

The Braille Sergeant

Braille Sergeant
Truth is we don't know where he came from. Some says he was a Japanese model manufacturer experiment that went wrong... too realistically bad mouthed for a toy. Others would say Chuck Norris was visiting Airfix in the old days when he somehow got injured by the machinery and some of his blood dropped on the injection machine just when this soldier was being made. All we know is he came to wreak havoc among those who don't believe in the only true scale.

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