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Review: E.T. Model’s Photo-etch sets for Jagdtiger and Kingtiger

E.T. Model's E72-020 photo-etch set for Dragon's King Tiger

Juan Contreras shares his views on E.T. Model’s photo-etch sets for these very popular German AFVs. 

Text and photos by Juan Contreras from Australia

ET Model is a young Chinese manufacturer of photo-etched accesories and sets for AFV models in various scales. The vast majority of their sets are designed for Dragon kits, however there are sets for Revell, Tristar, AFV Club, Tasca, Tamiya and others. Since my main interest on AFV’s is WWII in 1/72nd scale, I purchased some sets and indeed, they are a great addition with great value for money.

Sets E72-020 and E72-022 are intended for Tiger II (Porsche Turret) and Jagdtiger kits, both of them very similar, bar for some design details. They include engine cooler grills, tools, accessories, racks, vision ports, spare track link racks, mudguards and even a belt of ammo for the AA MG42! Some pars are really diminutive but all of them contain plenty of detail.

E.T. Model's E72-022 photo-etch set for Dragon's Jagdtiger

Since Dragon’s Porsche Turret Tiger II comes with Zimmerith, some parts also have segments with Zimmerith etched on metal. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, however, it is expected that anyone purchasing one of these sets already has a solid understanding on the model and thus, possess enough reference material.

For the beautiful and extensive series of StuG IIIG’s, there is also a set that transforms a plain skinned StuG into a Zimmerith coated one. Truly impressive for Braille scale. ET Model also produces resin bits and are worth taking a look at.

Product details:

Manufacturer: ET Model
Scale: Various scales
Reccomendation: Recommended

Braille Sergeant
Truth is we don't know where he came from. Some says he was a Japanese model manufacturer experiment that went wrong... too realistically bad mouthed for a toy. Others would say Chuck Norris was visiting Airfix in the old days when he somehow got injured by the machinery and some of his blood dropped on the injection machine just when this soldier was being made. All we know is he came to wreak havoc among those who don't believe in the only true scale.

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