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Panzer Tank Slippers… in Crochet?

Crochet Panzer Tank Slippers

Crochet Panzer Tank Slippers

Well this is NOT strictly scale modeling related NOR is it in 1/72 but I just had to share! My wife made me these Tiger shaped crochet Panzer Tank Slippers… and since I posted it in my Facebook profile and Missing-Lynx peeps have gone totally crazy about it! Which is awesome!

Crochet Panzer Tank Slippers

Hours after I posted it in my Facebook profile I was getting hundreds of messages about the Panzer Tank Slippers, friend requests and to this date it was shared over 2200 times… people all over wondering where to get these slippers!!!. Just when I was thinking “this is soooo cool” the whole thing took a turn for the surreal. It went ballistic, somebody posted it on 9GAG and REDDIT and people were joking about it, and OMG I was laughing so hard at some of those puns… and yet there were peeps still wondering how to get a pair or the pattern for these!.

Crochet Panzer Tank Slippers

Well, my wife finally created a pattern for the Panzer Tank Slippers that is available in her Etsy account as of now.

So if you got here from Google or FB or something and you got a Dad, BF, Husband, Friend that is into Word of Tanks, Scale Modeling, Military re-enactment, or just somebody that would enjoy having a good warm set of slippers before winter finally kicks in (in the northern hemisphere anyways) make sure you check it out.

She also has a Facebook page where you can see some of her work.

Crochet Panzer Tank Slippers

Now, get this, she is working on a Sherman Tank Slipper version that will be available as a crochet pattern. I got tasked with picking the right shade of Olive Drab for it (being a Scale Modeler I can’t but enforce some accuracy in this matter!) so stay tuned for it.

Panzer Tank Slipper Crochet Pattern

Last but not least… isn’t it amazing… we modelers kill ourselves to make every single detail on a 1/72 scale tank as accurate as we can… my wife goes and does a set of Panzer Tank Slippers and it travels the world faster than light!!! LOL… well to be honest these Slippers are the BEST SLIPPERS EVAH!!!

Now excuse me while I Tango these two babies into my “Kursk-tchen” BROMMMMMMMMMMM BRMMMMMM!

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  1. Hello, I would like to purchase a couple pairs of these slippers! Can you tell me how to go about getting some?? 🙂 thanks!!

    1. hi courtney, a can´t reach your facebookside under this link…. i´m interested in 5-6 couples of this crazy shoes…. can you help me and whats the price for 5-6 shoes?

  2. Please…..let me know how i can have a pair of this!
    I want to give one of this to my boyfriend!
    thank you

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