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Atten-HUT! has a newborn recruit!

That’s right fellows, and this is the reason you have been getting fewer to no updates from this station. As of October 11th this year, got a brand new, fully scratchbuilt 1/1 scale 7.5 Lb baby boy.

Boy and mom are in perfect shape, and the boy is an accurate rendition from the masters with crisp details, soft surface details with recced lines where appropiate, finely working after burner nozzle in the bottom and the pitot not only in the right place but, thank God, not under scale. I’m also glad to say it came with an all time, NVG/IFR in flight refueling qualification that he seems fond of practicing.

As you can probably imagine time is at a premium around the house and site updates have been slow, but fear not my dear Braille Scale accomplices, SGT is back and some more good stuff is on the way from subscribers and collaborators worldwide.

Hold short and stay tuned on this frequency!

José Teixidó
Cat herder, pollite as fuck and all around pain in the ass

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