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WIP: 1/72 Airfix/Heller WW2 Jeep Willys

WIP: 1/72 Airfix / Heller Jeep Upgrade

Originally I was planning on saving this kit to compare it with Dragon’s rendition of the same... and more specifically the armoured version 1+1 set. However not long ago I got a hold of Orange 3D’s marvelous Photo-Etch Upgrade Set and couldn’t help myself. 631

Painting Italeri’s Sd.Kfz. 186 Jagdtiger “331”

In the previous steps of this series we improved Italeri’s Jagdtiger kit by modifying the basic kits parts and the addition of plastic sheet and mesh, then we went even further forward adding some aluminium sheet and cooper wire scratchbuilt details to our Jagdtiger scale model. This only means we

M3 “Stuart Little”

A nice, quick and fun project of an often neglected yet still historically important light tank. Hasegawa’s M3 Stuart gets drafted from the stash and pushed into top shelf service!. This is my Hasegawa M3 Stuart. The kit is not new by any means and while rather simplified in a few

Dragon: new 1/4 ton 4X4 Armored Truck Twin Pack

That's right,  two Jeeps...err... two "1/4 ton 4x4 Armored trucks" in a box. As usual with their Dragon's "Armor Pro" and "1+1" series this release will include small fret of photo etch details (in this particular case the armoured plate) a lot of nicely slide molded parts (as seen in

Ye olde ESCI Panther Ausf A

If you have been into this hobby long enough you are probably familiar with some ESCI's venerable kits. Some are actually still around by the hand of Italeri;  the Jagdtiger, Hetzer and the Elephant among others. One of these golden goodies is their Panther Ausf. A. Not long ago I was