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Club de Modelismo La Plata Model Expo and Contest

Concurso y Expo Club Modelismo La Plata

Last weekend, in a La Plata (56Km away from Buenos Aires, Argentina) the local La Plata scale model club hosted their traditional yearly contest. While weather didn't really help, the most hard core Argentine modelers from near and afar convened together for a couple of days of camaraderie in a

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2013!

M1 abrams blitz72 wallpaper holiday

Atten-HUT! At ease... a'ight recruits, SGT Braille is known for taking care of his troops and I haven't forgotten that you have done well this year assembling that 1/72 army so here is my present for y'all this year. I hereby grant you all permission to have the greatest holidays ever in company of

4th CAM Scale Modeling Contest in Buenos Aires

Last year I covered the 3rd edition for the Annual CAM Scale modeling contest in Buenos Aires and said it was going to become “a traditional event in my calendar”. True to my word, I attended this event for the second time in a row and I’m glad I did.

IPMS Argentina, Mar del Plata Contest 2012

What can possibly top a weekend of Scale Modeling, great ambience and awesome deals at the vendor tables?. Let me tell you, all of that plus terrific seafood and a wonderful beach city by the Atlantic! That is pretty much what the last contest organized by the IPMS Argentina, Mar

3rd CAM Modeling Contest in Buenos Aires

On December 3rd and 4th the Anual CAM (Circulo Argentino de Modelismo) Scale Modeling Contest took place in the Centro Cultural Borges, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. An event with great ambience and full of great models and interesting people, it has become traditional event in my calendar. 816

Dragon: new 1/4 ton 4X4 Armored Truck Twin Pack

That's right,  two Jeeps...err... two "1/4 ton 4x4 Armored trucks" in a box. As usual with their Dragon's "Armor Pro" and "1+1" series this release will include small fret of photo etch details (in this particular case the armoured plate) a lot of nicely slide molded parts (as seen in