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Paraguayan Army Sherman Firefly V and Sherman “Repotenciado”

Sherman Repotenciado - Ejercito Paraguayo

For some Scale Modellers the Sherman tank might seem a bit repetitive given the lack of paint scheme assortment, specially when compared with its rather flamboyant German or Italian counterparts of WW2. However, upon closer inspection it allows endless Modelling opportunities given its long service record that in some cases

Walkaround: Sherman V (M4A4 75mm) – Ejercito Argentino

Between the 1946 and 1948 the Argentinean government acquired a huge amount of surplus WW2 armament from European countries, mainly from the UK. According to "Blindados Argentinos", by Ricardo Sigal Fogliani, several variants of the Sherman were acquired by 0.20 US$ the kilo and exchanged for agricultural products. 341

Inspiration: Armored US Jeeps

Right after Dragon announced ther were realeasing a kit featuring not one, but two "1/4 ton 4x4 armoured trucks" my heart jumped sky high. Hopefully this images will serve as inspiration for other lovers of this small, yet nimble and emblematic American vehicle.  41