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Panzer Tank Slippers… in Crochet?

Crochet Panzer Tank Slippers

Well this is NOT strictly scale modeling related NOR is it in 1/72 but I just had to share! My wife made me these Tiger shaped crochet Panzer Tank Slippers... and since I posted it in my Facebook profile and Missing-Lynx peeps have gone totally crazy about it! Which is

Review: Braille Scale Modeling eBook

Braille Scale Modeling eBook by Sven-Ake Grufstedt

There is only one thing rarer than good scale modeling how-to books and it is Braille scale modeling how-to books. Fear not my fellow gentleman, Sven-Åke Grufstedt from Sweden has you covered with his just released Braille Scale Modelling eBook. 1460

Review: FCM Latin A-26 Invaders #72-31 decal sheet


As if the Invader wasn’t sexy enough on its own right, imagine it painted in some exotic Latin markings. Makes for quite a view among all those NMF or OD planes piling up in your collection. That is exactly what you will find in this FCM decal sheet intended for

Teeny tiny 1/72 realistic leaves

One detail that I have been envying a lot from the older scale folks are the dry leaves on some of their 1/35 scale dioramas or vehicles. At some point I even tried cutting these myself only to end up frustrated. Well I found out this great product made by