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Amazing 1/72 modern U.S. Army figure sets from Vepa Miniatures

Vepa Miniatures 1/72 U.S. Army patrol figures, mortar team, MG m2 - mk19 team

From Airplane to AFV, ships and Sci-Fi subjects, braille scale is considered to be one of the most complete scales when it comes to diversity and availability. Lately it has been also the subject of some kit releases that can easily compete with larger scale models as far as detail and engineering goes.

Panzer Tank Slippers… in Crochet?

Crochet Panzer Tank Slippers

Well this is NOT strictly scale modeling related NOR is it in 1/72 but I just had to share! My wife made me these Tiger shaped crochet Panzer Tank Slippers… and since I posted it in my Facebook profile and Missing-Lynx peeps have gone totally crazy about it! Which is awesome!

Review: Braille Scale Modeling eBook

Braille Scale Modeling eBook by Sven-Ake Grufstedt

There is only one thing rarer than good scale modeling how-to books and it is Braille scale modeling how-to books. Fear not my fellow gentleman, Sven-Åke Grufstedt from Sweden has you covered with his just released Braille Scale Modelling eBook.

Review: FCM Latin A-26 Invaders #72-31 decal sheet


As if the Invader wasn’t sexy enough on its own right, imagine it painted in some exotic Latin markings. Makes for quite a view among all those NMF or OD planes piling up in your collection. That is exactly what you will find in this FCM decal sheet intended for both A-26B and A-26C.

Teeny tiny 1/72 realistic leaves

One detail that I have been envying a lot from the older scale folks are the dry leaves on some of their 1/35 scale dioramas or vehicles. At some point I even tried cutting these myself only to end up frustrated. Well I found out this great product made by Model Scene from Czech Republic…